Samba Bar, in Somerville (Massachusetts), is one of the oldest concert halls and the one that most portrays Brazil in the United States. Under the command of the couple Assunta and Dorival Ramos, the establishment is one of the most frequented by the Brazilian community and, in addition to the shows, it also serves as a place for birthday celebrations, meetings with friends and a good chat.

In addition to the quality of the shows, the Samba Bar stands out for its good service, diversity in drinks and snacks.

The place is visited not only by Brazilians, but immigrants of other nationalities and even US citizens who love Brazilian culture and seek the Samba Bar as a way to get “closer to Brazil”.

Dorival believes that the success of the house and the reason it has been in business for so long is because both the owners and the employees get closer to the customers, talk, exchange ideas and establish a bond of lasting friendship.

In addition to a space for dancing, the Samba Bar has tables to accommodate its patrons. A big screen makes the live performance of the bands even more fun.

If you don’t already know the location, the address is 608 Somerville Avenue in Somerville (Massachusetts). The contact number is  1-617-718-9177.

Text from the Brazilian Times

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